(ATLAS) are a Liverpool based four-piece playing music of the Alternative/Atmospheric variety, with a strong emphasis on dynamics, dense vocal harmonies and effects-laden guitar lines. With influences ranging from sweaty backroom indie to arena post-rock, the band create music that is both considered and energetic, as delicate in its quieter sections as it is uncompromising in its heavy passages. 

Some words people have written about us...

This band’s music simply coaxes you out of your shell and seduces with reinforced ferocity...
— Pagan Hel
‘Endless Empty Spaces’ is a gloriously well-structured collection of expansive, atmospheric and quite beautiful songs. It eased me back to a time a few years back when I delved deep into, what I would describe as intelligent, sophisticated indie that acts such as Pela, Sea of Bees, Andrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens and Shout Out Louds purveyed. To even intimate thoughts of such brilliant acts is one thing but (ATLAS) stand tall alongside them.”
— Krystian Hudson, Yeah Buddy! DIY
Hitting home with what can only be described as a beautiful blend of harmonised noise, (ATLAS) are a band that manages to sound simultaneously familiar yet unique. With equal parts haunting melody and energetic, guitar fuelled riffs, with just as much contrast in their vocal approach to songwriting, the energy this quartet bring to the metaphorical, and literal, stage is electrifying, although with such a talented blend of musicians it’s hardly surprising.
— Liverpool University Band Society